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       This book challenges and inspires us to make a profound journey of self-discovery and clarifies our understanding of the human condition and gives us the tools to facilitate problem solving and personal development. The author is eager for his readers to find their true potential fully satisfied and he provides an impressively detailed and comprehensive analysis of how this can be done.  His enthusiasm is infectious.


Mr Michael Flowers MBE. FRCS. Retired Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine Leeds.

      As someone who is involved in teaching managers, I see this as a breath of fresh air that I would commend to all of them most strongly.

Prof  Peter L. Bradshaw: Professor in Health Care Policy (University of Huddersfield) and External Examiner for the NHS National Management Training Scheme.

The Unique Life Direction Discovery Course. Taking You On A Journey Of Discovery And Fulfilment. Helping You To Find Your True Motivations in Life

The Unique Life Direction Discovery Course. Taking You On A Journey Of Discovery And Fulfilment. Helping You To Find Your True Motivations in Life

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Drama and French  Degree

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Theology Degree

Ministerial Ordination Training

Accredited Coach with


Coaching & Mentoring  


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Accredited Coach with Distinction

The Coaching Academy

Mapping the Stages

of a Leaders Life Call

By Master Coach

Tony Stoltzfus

Qualified NLP Practitioner,

trained under Robert Dilts

and Judith Lowe.

Practitioner certification co-signed by

Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP.

PGCE  Secondary School

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PGCE (Drama and English)

Begins April - tbc. Early expression of interest advised Places fill up quickly

Begins April. Date to be confirmed. Early expression of interest advised Places will fill up quickly

Creating a vision for your life

Make the most of your time

The vantage point - go up  higher

Passions, abilities & opportunities

Conquering your giants

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

The vantage point - go up  higher

Passions, abilities & opportunities

Facing your giants



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Only £299 8 week course Only £299 8 week course

Richard  A  Burwell

B.A.Hons . PGCE . NLP Practitioner. Diploma Coaching CMI (Distinction) Certified Calling Coach. Dip Past Studies .


Richard has worked as a qualified personal performance coach since 2007, coaching, presenting and training in organisations using his own original frameworks and tools, following a career in church ministry and the voluntary sector.

His book “The 5 Senses of Self - A Coaching Framework for Personal and Team Empowerment®” was first published in Spring 2010, and a new edition will be available soon.  Richard’s tools and frameworks have been used with clients in the health, care home and church sectors.  His individual client coaching ranges from managers, barristers and accountants, and other individuals seeking strategic life or work direction change and to address major change in work / life balance.  

Richard is a qualified Personal and Professional Development Coach with distinction(CMI*), a certified Calling Coach under Tony Stolzfus (Redding, California) and a qualified NLP Practitioner, training under Robert Dilts and Judith Lowe. His Practitioner certification is co-signed by Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP.

Prior to qualifying in these areas, he worked to empower people through housing support work for the homeless, managing a team of staff for an inner city youth project, and co-pastoring one churches which he helped to begin in team with others in addition to exploring various expressions of church meeting in the home.

Richard’s additional qualifications include gaining an Honours Degree in Theology, Pastoral Studies diploma for Ministerial Church ordination, and a PGCE in secondary school RE teaching.

*‘Coaching & Mentoring International’ is now part of The Coaching Academy 


Catherine has worked as a life coach since 2009. She has achieved a distinction in her coaching diploma studies with The Coaching Academy.  She coaches, presents and creates and applies tools in the field of self development and culture change, which she has facilitated for clients in the health sector and the Care Home sector.  Her coaching with individual clients has included topics of career change, business growth and the desire to explore life purpose and direction.

She is passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential as individuals and team players.

Previously she worked in the field of Education and Development for twenty years and has facilitated many new developments within the NHS and educational settings, which have added value to existing organisations.  

Catherine spearheaded, project managed and managed new programmes in further and higher education, working in recent years with the Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust to embed national clinical and service improvement programmes at postgraduate level, for GPs and nurses with a special interest.

Catherine currently works as a senior learning and development advisor with the CQC.

In addition to her honours degree in Drama and French, and her PGCE qualification as a Drama and English teacher, Catherine has completed line management studies through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), and continues to be engaged in further professional development in coaching studies through The Coaching Academy, and is a member of the Academy for Professional Coaching.

Catherine has worked in partnership with her husband to pioneer several churches.  She is a mother of two fabulous children and as a published creative author, enjoys script writing.   

Catherine E. Burwell

B.A.Hons . PGCE . ILM 3 . Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching TCA (Distinction)