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       This book challenges and inspires us to make a profound journey of self-discovery and clarifies our understanding of the human condition and gives us the tools to facilitate problem solving and personal development. The author is eager for his readers to find their true potential fully satisfied and he provides an impressively detailed and comprehensive analysis of how this can be done.  His enthusiasm is infectious.


Mr Michael Flowers MBE. FRCS. Retired Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine Leeds.

      As someone who is involved in teaching managers, I see this as a breath of fresh air that I would commend to all of them most strongly.

Prof  Peter L. Bradshaw: Professor in Health Care Policy (University of Huddersfield) and External Examiner for the NHS National Management Training Scheme.

The Unique Life Direction Discovery Course. Taking You On A Journey Of Discovery And Fulfilment. Helping You To Find Your True Motivations in Life

The Unique Life Direction Discovery Course. Taking You On A Journey Of Discovery And Fulfilment. Helping You To Find Your True Motivations in Life

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Mapping the Stages

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PGCE (Drama and English)

Begins April - tbc. Early expression of interest advised Places fill up quickly

Begins April. Date to be confirmed. Early expression of interest advised Places will fill up quickly

Creating a vision for your life

Make the most of your time

The vantage point - go up  higher

Passions, abilities & opportunities

Conquering your giants

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

The vantage point - go up  higher

Passions, abilities & opportunities

Facing your giants



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Only £299 8 week course Only £299 8 week course

Congratulations on completing the Emerge 8 week Life Direction Course.

You now have powerful insights for the rest of your life. It’s been a joy and privilege to journey with you to this point. Cathy and I would be honoured to help you further, as you determine to implement the insights you’ve gained as you set sail in fulfilling a new found sense of purpose, a new direction in life, and find new ways to use your talents and abilities and live a more rewarding life.

Contact us here for implementation coaching

and supercharge this next phase of your life

We know how challenging it can be to remain true to the best version of ourselves when the cross winds of adversity blow, and the vision we are aiming for becomes obscured by difficulty and the distractions of lesser goals.

This is why having an advocate who champions your best self and empowers you to make the best decisions towards your best future is invaluable. By choosing to have us coach you and motivate you to fulfil your goals and live up to the ideals and values you have embraced you will be making one of the best self investment decisions of your life.

We invite you to invest in your future now by investing in a series of action focused coaching sessions to supercharge your confidence, strengthen your courage, and empower you to put your new found insights into practice.  

This is the perfect time to commit to a series of coaching sessions where we will hold you accountable to your best intentions so that your best intentions become a lifestyle of powerful decisions.

Call us on                   for implementation sessions

While your insights are still fresh in your mind.

You invest in a coach so that your coach will be invested in you, and even if you lose sight of where you are heading, we are on hand to help keep you on track and not let you off the hook (in a nice way!)

Don't find yourself 5 years from now wishing that you had invested in yourself by investing in a coach who will keep you accountable to your dreams.  Remember that a dream is just a dream until it is lived out in conscious decision making and powerful action taking.

Having just completed the Life Direction Course, now is the best time to invest in a coach who will empower you to accelerate your life ambitions in the direction you have set.

Call us now on                   to book a series of

supercharged implementation sessions.

You already know who we are!

Finally, to help encourage you in your decision, as you consider investing in one-to-one coaching with us, we would like to offer you a way to receive 2 free sessions of implementation coaching. Here’s how -

If you refer someone to the life direction course and they complete the course,

you will get a 2 session refund from your investment in coaching with us

(worth £90).

Your friend simply needs to book their place and complete the course.  

Simply tell them what you have gained by being on the course with us.

Whether you decide to invest in one-to-one coaching with us or someone else, we genuinely wish you every success.  Thank you for journeying this far with us.